Free Site Visit and Professional Assessment of Your Needs

To assess your needs and find you the best solution we offer free visits from our specialists (Qualified Appointed Persons) in all aspects of lifting on all crane sizes. These specialists can advise you on the most efficient, safe and competitively priced lifting solution for your needs.

Whether these needs are in the fields of construction, utilities, marine, events, lifting a hot tub into your garden, erecting a wind turbine, aerial acrobatic displays (see video!) or any other requirement, we will happily help, as we are a flexible organisation that is capable of finding creative solutions to all of your lifting needs.

For a quick discussion of your needs and to arrange a visit please call 01603 871851 or 07787 556586 or email

Contract Lift

With a Contract Lift we would take care of all of the planning and delivery of the lifting operation for you. This would include:

  • A site visit by our Qualified Appointed Person to plan your lift.
  • Assessment and calculation of the correct outrigger support for your lift.
  • Slinging arrangements and slinging services would be provided as part of the contract lift.
  • Creation of all documentation including a bespoke method statement and risk assessment.
  • Provision of all personnel required, including operators, slingers, crane supervisors, for the lift to be undertaken safely and successfully.

With a contract lift you can rest easily in the knowledge that we will take responsibility for all aspects and it will be undertaken to our CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) conditions.


This would take place under a standard CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) hire agreement. We would provide you with a certificated crane and a qualified operator, who would then work under your instruction.

The crane and the operator would become your responsibility as soon as the crane leaves the public highway to access site, including access roads.

With this type of hire, you would have to provide a Qualified Appointed Person with responsibility for planning the lift and all personnel and additional equipment required.

The standard CPA conditions would include you taking responsibility for:

  • Loss of, or damage to, plant and equipment whilst on site and under your control.
  • Loss of or damage to, the goods being lifted.
  • Continuing hire charges if the equipment is subsequently unable to work as a result of loss or damage incurred.
  • The legal liability for any injury suffered by the operator whilst under your supervision and control, along with injury to third parties, including any damage to third party property arising from crane operations.

In order to undertake a CPA hire your Appointed Person would have to have knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation. It would also be your responsibility to fully plan, control, supervise the lift and insure the crane operations and personnel.