Mobile Cranes

Our fleet of mobile cranes ranging from 25 tonnes upwards allows us to flexibly undertake all types of lifting work on behalf of customers across a broad range of industry sectors. For all contract lifts we visit the lifting site and make a professional assessment of your needs. If you chose to appoint RJ Crane we would undertake all aspects of the lift including planning and documentation.

Crawler Cranes

We have a fleet of four well maintained crawler cranes ranging from 40 to 65 tonnes that are available for short and long term hire. We handle the transportation and set up of the crawler cranes on behalf of our customers.


Our aluminium rollout trackway offers a robust and heavy-duty solution for Construction Projects, Cranes, Outdoor Flooring, Pedestrians, Temporary Roadways & Compound Areas, Very Heavy Machinery. Available in 80x Plastic Trackway (1.2M x 2.4M Sections), Ekki wooden mats (1M x 2.5M, 1M x 3M and 1M x 5M) and 4x Steel Plates (1.22M x 2.44M).